Not all antlers are created equal.  Sometimes a hunter is fortunate enough to harvest a record-book buck or find a gigantic shed antler lying in the woods that is so special that it demands to be on display.  Lots of hunters want to show off their trophy in their home, their office, their hunting lodge, and at outdoor trade shows.  This can be a challenge when the original set of antlers can't be in every place at once.  That is where replicas can be very advantageous to today's outdoorsman.  Using a unique molding and casting process, we can create an exact copy of your trophy that even the most discerning whitetail enthusiast would find hard to distinguish from the originals.  Now the hunter can have the peace of mind that his original antlers are proudly on display at home or in safe keeping while the replica antlers are on display at other locations.  Not only that, but having a set of replicas made of your trophy insures that you can have another copy made in the future in case the originals happen to become lost, damaged, or destroyed.  If you are in the market for a set of replicas of your trophy buck, we hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business!