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Whether you have a shed antler that is chewed by squirrels or you have a mount that fell off the wall and busted a tine, we can repair your antlers and bring your trophy back to life.

Sometimes a set of antlers are so special that the client wants to have replicas made.  We can custom mold your antlers and make a copy of the originals that even the most discerning whitetail enthusiast would find hard to distinguish from the originals.

Check out our gallery of custom pieces that include habitat scenes and custom-built pedestal bases.  These mounts aren't your run-of-the-mill head on the wall.

Browse through our portfolio of whitetail shoulder mounts and see the attention to detail and the lifelike realism we strive for in every mount.

Rob Jordan has always had a passion for the outdoors and a fascination for wildlife.  Having been a lifelong resident of north Texas, he has spent countless hours in the local woods observing wildlife and seeking game.  His love of the outdoors led him to pursue a career in a wildlife-related field and to earn a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Management from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  As an avid bowhunter and whitetail enthusiast, Rob understands how important your trophy is and knows what it means to have the memories of your hunt preserved in a manner that honors and respects the animal.  It is his goal to make your trophy look as real and majestic as the day you saw it in the wild.

2014 Texas Taxidermy Association Competition

  • Winner of the Second2Nature Award
  • 2nd Place Professional Division Whitetail Category
  • 2nd Place Professional Division Gamehead Category (Aoudad)